Engineering your website for remarketing

To show ads to users who have visited a site for desktop computers and mobile devices, you need to add scripts on the website to record one or more events. Web libraries for site measurement, conversion monitoring and remarketing are available for both Google and Facebook.

These are blocks of code that add visitors to your website to your remarketing lists.
These lists will then be filtered as the target of your ads.

The goal of remarketing is Conversions

The result of the conversion is done via Click with the mouse on multiple types of buttons on the site:

  • Button Reservation
  • Click on the phone number
  • Click on the email
  • Click on the information request / booking form
  • Click on box to highlight products and/or services

In compliance with EU rules:Our integrations are made in such a way as to be in compliance with the European GDPR regulations, providing on our projects the consent of users by accepting to run third party profiling scripts such as Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager.