SMS campaigns and newsletters

Why do marketing with sms and e-mail?

The main objectives are to increase sales, retain customers, stimulate cross-selling and win new customers. With a sms marketing or email marketing campaign you can simultaneously reach thousands of people wherever they are, encouraging them to buy their product or service.
Through an SMS and email platform you can also retain existing customers, thanks to targeted promotions and dedicated, for example, to top customers or big spenders.

Sending online SMS messages and EMAIL campaigns are also the ideal tools for contacting lost customers, offering attractive offers to reconnect with those who have not bought for a long time.

With a message you can also propose alternative or complementary services to those already purchased, increasing turnover through cross-selling. Finally, email and SMS marketing campaigns are an excellent branding tool, an excellent way to make your brand known and appreciated by the general public.

Among the most common uses of email and SMS in marketing we find:

– sending coupons and discounts
– communication start sales or promotions
– launch of new products or services
– invitations to events, initiatives and manifestations
– launch of prize contests
– links to online content (social network profiles, sites, e-brochures, landing pages, etc.)
– Sending of requested commercial information by SMS or other media
– sending newsletters or updates

Because they are means of communication…

85% of Italians (51 million people) have at least one mobile phone and at least one email address! Marketing with sms and email means addressing a pool of millions of users.

Sending online text messages or an email campaign, if well done, have a high return on investment. Just think that 99% of text messages are read and more than 74% of Italians believe that email is part of everyday life.

E-mails and text messages are read anywhere and at any time of day, thanks to the increasing use of smartphones.

Sending professional PC text messages and newsletters takes very little time: via the B2B platform you can launch SMS or email campaigns in just a few clicks!

They are a technology increasingly used by all sections of the population, from the under-18s to the over-sixty-fives.

They are increasingly perceived as a reliable means of communication.

With a single sms marketing and e-amil marketing campaign you can reach hundreds or thousands of people at once.

SMS and EMAIL are universally recognized technologies and can be received regardless of the brand and model of mobile phone or device in it.

They arrive directly to the recipient, also thanks to the functionality of email marketing services and SMS from the web, messages can be customized with the data of each individual contact.

Launching a text and e-mail campaign is cheap compared to many other traditional media.