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Web Marketing: Effective online advertising for your company!

Do you want a Web Marketing project? Does your company want to sell more?

Companies continue to increase the budget share invested in digital pay channels and confidence in the global advertising market is improving rapidly.

In Italy, companies’ advertising investments have been divided as follows:


TV 47%
Online 36% (Within the next 3 years it will be 52%)

Papers 12%
Radio 5%

Investing in advertising guarantees companies a minimum increase in annual return on investment (ROI). A careful analysis of media channels helps to maintain this level of return, a result that proves the effectiveness of online advertising, especially when it comes to increased profitability and therefore overall turnover for companies that take advantage of this opportunity can grow beyond current levels and generate profits above expectations.

What can we do for you?

Studying the market and competition

Analyzing in advance the potential traffic volumes, both in terms of brand, competition and products is the first step to approach when we start with a web project for a client. The same method also applies to online advertising, so a good preliminary study is the ideal starting point to obtain the results requested by our clients.

Identify the client’s target audience

When you run a campaign, you often confuse the company’s liking for a type of message with the actual message of your ideal target audience. The latter must be carefully identified, analyzing the characteristics and buying habits, the preferred language, the mode of communication and the most suitable images to represent it.

Define the objectives

It is necessary to carefully study the type of objective that you want to achieve with the campaign, i.e. the type of engagement that needs to be stimulated in the target audience.

Choose the right channels

The choice of channel is very important and, of course, can not disregard the customs of your target audience. Often companies are pushed to push on more than one channel, however this strategy could be fallacious, also in terms of resources spent.

Studying creativity

Creativity is important in the realization of a campaign, obviously in reference to the channel used. Creativity in fact serves to involve the user, with a communication that maintains a high level of attention, stimulates curiosity towards the product, desire and much more. For this reason it is necessary to study with great care the choice of copy, images, testimonials, so as to avoid misunderstandings.

Precise planning

Creating a good campaign, but planning it wrongly, leads to the failure of your goals.

Ask a professional! What are you waiting for?

We are the best solution to avoid problems that could become insurmountable: in a way as complex as advertising, improvising is impossible.

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