SEM (Search engine marketing)

SEM: it conveys to your website as many interested users as possible

Paying Google rankings with Google Ads are an immediate and effective type of online advertising.

The service compendia:

  • Campaign management strategy processing, monthly keyword search volume analysis
  • Budgeting and project planning
  • Send customer report
  • Creation of campaigns and ad hoc ads on Google Ads

Marketing activities on Google campaigns are structured to optimize the result of the advertising investment:

  • Recording of conversions via “Google Tag Manager” (scripts)
  • Research network campaigns and display campaign with multiple ads
  • The audience in display campaigns is defined according to specific interests
  • The targeting of the customers involved takes place mainly for: geolocation data, public interests and conversions
  • A user who has recorded a conversion becomes part of an “identikit” that will be used by Google’s algorithm to dynamically propose the proposed ads to that specific “target” of users who have those characteristics, interests and anything else.