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Who we are

Starsystem is a company born from the collaboration of a group of professionals in the field of Information Technology and business management. We are specialized in the supply of goods and services with high quality standards, intended for a demanding clientele, which uses computer equipment as a working tool. StarSystem IT develops high quality software and we offer selected and reliable third party software to provide customers with all the tools to support their production activities.

The constant growth from 1999 to today, also demonstrated by the exponential increase in turnover shows that the path followed by StarSystem IT in always looking for innovative technologies and highly technological niche products and therefore less subject to high competition in our industry has proved successful so far.

Our focus has always been to develop products using the best available WEB technologies:
the Internet division designs and builds internet sites, e-commerce, portals and web programs for companies that want to be present on the Internet according to the latest technologies available in an effective and reliable manner.

Our philosophy of development of our products is largely based on the use of technologies Open Source, these tools through the use of frameworks and reliable solutions have allowed us to offer our customers technologies always at the forefront.

We specifically develop web and mobile applications for the remote sharing of resources and systems B2B, business to business, and B2C, business to customer.

Another strength thanks to the close link with the reality Wildix has made us specialists of the web integration of Wildix communication systems.

Our goal is to maintain a professional and qualified work team, always ready to propose and implement innovative solutions to meet the management and communication needs of customers, the true wealth of our company.

Silvano Samaretz
@ Starsystem IT