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App & Mobile

Develop your presence also on Mobile

Access to the network becomes easier and more immediate thanks to smartphone and tablet. In the online creation of the corporate image you can no longer afford to leave out the mobile world. So we help you to design and shape new creative elements to attract even all people who surf on the move.

The world of mobile has different characteristics and mobile sites are designed according to different parameters. For example, connections tend to be less fast, screens very small in resolution and size, and processors have less processing capacity than a common computer. An optimized mobile site will therefore have a very low weight, content adapted to the support, simple and intuitive navigation.

“Mobile First”

Mobile devices are now part of everyone’s everyday life, in Italy now most visits to a site are made from smartphones and tablets. Therefore, having a site navigable from your mobile phone is now a fundamental thing and a starting point more than an arrival point. The Mobile-First approach is now predominant in web communication strategies, creating an interface compatible with the mobile world can turn navigation on your website into a simple and effective experience for your customers.
We will develop and design your site using Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques to allow the site to adapt to the customer’s behavior and environment based on factors such as screen size, platform and device orientation.

Responsive Mobile Design

With Responsive Design we indicate the approach for which design and development of a site will adapt to the behavior and environment of the user based on factors such as screen size, platform and device orientation. This type of activity consists of a mix of grids, layouts and flexible images, plus careful use of CSS media queries. When the user switches from his desktop PC to an iPad, the site will automatically adapt to the new resolution, change the image size and script-based interactions.

We have set ourselves the minimum objectives so that your customer can experience a pleasant and simple navigation. We will try to:

  • adjust the layout to the widest possible number of screen resolutions (from mobile phones to desktop);
  • adjust the image size (and typically all fixed-width content) to the resolution and screen size
  • upload ‘less heavy’ images for devices that can’t always take advantage of broadband;
  • simplify the layout from the elements on the page for devices with small screens;
  • hide non-essential elements;

For a personalized experience, to allow the user to share content supported by excellent compatibility with the device, we recommend instead the development of a app for your company. The app will allow you to be found (the app stores are the new search engines), to be competitive for the future, to convey the image of a brand in step with the times. We will develop your app with maximum cost savings, combining web and/or e-commerce projects with mobile versions and, consequently, apps for the market, offering you a dynamic range of solutions that covers all the devices in the IT universe.

Web App

We develop mobile applications that take full advantage of the potential of the web, creating flexible solutions designed to simplify and optimize teamwork. The development of this type of application is now based on the smartphone, so the application will take advantage of the possibilities, extensions and sensors accessible via mobile browser (Android and / or Ios) but we can also compile our applications and make them become real App to be published on the stores of Google and Apple.


Competences and technologies used: