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E-commerce B2C

An opportunity to grow better and more!

What is an E-Commerce?

The most obvious answer to this question is that e-commerce is nothing more than a normal sales activity (including shop windows, shelves, trolleys, checkout counter, storage of goods …), but translated into computer science and transformed into pages for Internet. An e-commerce site is to all intents and purposes a commercial activity; it starts and grows within the market, following the rules to sell products and services to its own and new customers.

The exchange place is the Internet and the dialogue with users follows dedicated and integrated communication and marketing rules for this specific channel. Very low start-up and maintenance costs, both for new companies and for existing businesses that want to expand. The electronic shop is an opportunity to start, grow and support your business; you can reach new potential customers at national and international level.

5 good reasons to choose an E-commerce

  1. Having an e-commerce means, for a company, opening up to the global market . Anyone can become a potential customer thanks to sales that can be achieved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  2. The costs for the creation, management and promotion of your online shop allow you to contain additional business costs related, for example, to the warehouse. The magic of direct sales
  3. Visibility“. You will have a positive image return thanks to “extended” customers and (why not?) virtual feedback, comments and word-of-mouth
  4. Advantages also for your customers! Think of the convenience of online shopping that allows anyone to make a purchase that will be delivered directly to your home. The shopping experience can also be more “interesting” for the collection of information that the customer can evaluate before launching into the shopping, in peace and quiet.
  5. It’s convenient for your business and your customers. Thanks to an e-commerce you can save money and offer advantageous conditions, low prices, discounts and promotions that will entice your customers to buy from you and without moving from home.

Linking to the marketplace:

Having an e-commerce is not enough to increase your business. To increase sales and visibility of your site you will need to plan some targeted actions to promote it and make known online your store, your promotions, your discounts, your reliability. In addition to the powerful web marketing tools (Google AdWord, careful SEO optimization, e-mail marketing, social media) there is another great opportunity, which allows you to reach thousands of customers for those who bet on e-commerce: the marketplace.

What are marketplaces and what advantages do they offer?

A marketplace is a website that connects sellers and buyers by allowing them to carry out commercial transactions. On this type of platform, the buyer and buyer remain in the technical and commercial context of the marketplace until the transaction is completed. As a sort of guarantor, the marketplace favors the purchase and sale between buyer and seller and ensures that the transaction takes place in the best conditions. Some marketplaces? Amazon, eBay, Price Finder… If you launch yourself on this type of platform, you will be more successful the more you will be able to show yourself to be competitive with products and prices. Marketplaces therefore represent a complete sales channel, guaranteeing payment to the seller and delivery to the buyer.

Maximum reliability, anti-fraud system and full trust from the buyer: the platforms have high standards in terms of customer satisfaction and could remove from the site anyone who does not meet the quality criteria required. A marketplace offers the merchant a strong visibility: the products are accessible to millions of visitors thanks to an excellent indexing of the platforms in search engines.

The advantages for a seller are really attractive, to name a few:

  • if you don’t sell you don’t pay any commission;
  • reach immediately high levels of confidence even if you have a young and little-known e-commerce (the marketplaces, in fact, guarantee for you)
  • if you want to test the appeal of a new product its customers without major advertising investment, the marketplaces allow you to do so.