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Web membership

Simplify your services, use your web membership


The membership via internet is a management system that allows a wide audience to make the membership of its members directly online from any location. The cards can be either physical or virtual , in the latter case through pre-printed forms you can send the cards created previously to print.




The software allows you to manage all phases of membership, the main features and functionality are as follows:

  • Manage various types of cards;
  • Historical management;
  • Print cards and labels;
  • Managing Stamps;
  • Management Options;
  • Deposito and distribution cards;
  • Manage physical and virtual cards;
  • Management year of membership;
  • Management of companies and related structures;
  • Management of price lists for card types;
  • Card printing management on A4;
  • Importing csv tables and exporting data;
  • Send SMS and newsletters;
  • Day passes automation;
  • Statistics;
  • Zone management;
  • Cash management;
  • Working group management;

The application allows the user to manage both the customer package and the issue of the card with the history of previous memberships. The software is also designed for future implementations and therefore prepared for integrations and updates consistent with the web-based..

Complete management of your membership data and cards: Possibility of assigning a header, automatic calculation of the tax code, control over the VAT number for companies, contact details, marital status, position and professional status, privacy acceptance, types of addresses (residence, work, foreign), management card status, assignment to the structure of reference (circles, premises, associations …)

Total control on the data, complete filters and details, reports and statistics on all the operations carried out: Targeted exports with all available fields, filters applicable according to the annual duration of the membership, for management, generation pdf labels and csv with custom fields.

Advanced utilities and features for administrators: User-defined year opening and closing, each user can be enabled to the single structure, permissions are defined by matrix, by profiling and type of permission, possibility of importing and prepressing previous year cards