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CMS Real Estate Agencies

CMS Real Estate Agencies: the ad hoc application for your real estate services


CMS Real Estate Agents is a complete and dynamic software entirely dedicated to the real estate branch. The graphics are customizable, no geographical limitation

Cms Agenzie Immobliari is the solution for Real Estate Agencies that intend to publish their proposals on the internet and manage their real estate archive. The offer includes a dynamic web site completely self-managed based on Open Source source WordPress, so without any maintenance on our part and no annual maintenance costs in addition to the normal annual fee for the domain and web space.

The website is managed through a control panel, with access via username and password.

Standard structure and features:

  • Homepage: Real estate showcase with photos, news and advanced internal search engine;
  • Satellite map of all proposals included;
  • Where we are: with map and address;
  • Profile Page;
  • News;
  • Page(s) describing the services offered by the agency;
  • Automatic multimedia map for the inserted properties;
  • Special photo gallery for every single offer;
  • Contacts: form for receiving real estate requests and offers;
  • List of properties by type of rental or sale;
  • List of properties by real estate category;