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UCC Wildix

Wildix UCCs that revolutionize the way you communicate


The Unified Communication solution upgrades the communication in the company, enhancing the tools and, consequently, increasing speed and accuracy in everyday operations. This means increased productivity.

Thanks to Wildix Unified Communications, communication enters the flow of the company’s operational processes, increasing the results of employees.

Wildix Unified Communications & Collaboration integrates with applications and management software (CRM, ERP).


The benefits of Wildix solutions:

App for smartphone All UC&C features on your mobile devices (iOS, Android).

Web based Direct access to the Collaboration and the admin interface of the PBX (WMS).

Cloud Complete worry-free outsourcing of the PBX and all associated communication services.

Compatibility No clients to install. Compatible with Mac OS/ Windows/ Linux.

Fully integrated WebRTC Direct interaction with your customers via website (chat, voice and video).

5 year warranty No problem with replacement parts. 5 year warranty on all products.


VoIP and Unified Communications for successful System Integrators!

Thanks to the know-how acquired in these years of close collaboration with Wildix we are able to intervene at a low level both on the new installation and on projects already started. We have programming experience in both configuration and software, thanks to a complete vision of the logic behind Wildix systems we can find advanced solutions to problems and customer requirements that arise during the start-up phase of a project.

For more information, please visit: www.wildix.com

or our website dedicated to web Wildix integrations: www.wildixintegrator.com