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B2B Purchasing groups

It’s the ideal way to interface more companies or professional activities, through the Internet.


Business to business, often referred to as B2B, is a term used to describe electronic business transactions between companies, as opposed to those between companies and other groups, such as those between a company and consumers/individual customers (B2C, Business to Customer or Business to Consumer, in Italian retail) or those between a company and the government (B2G, from the English Business to Government, lett. “business-to-government”).

It is a term used in electronic commerce or e-commerce, which usually takes the form of automated processes between business partners, and which can also refer to all transactions made in an industrial value chain, before the finished product is sold to the final consumer.

More specifically, Business-to-Business or B2B indicates the relationships that a company has with its suppliers for activities of procurement, planning and monitoring of production, or aid in the activities of product development, or the relationships that the company has with professional customers, ie other companies, located in different points of the production chain.

The volume of B2B transactions is much higher than that of B2C transactions.

One of the reasons is that businesses have adopted e-commerce technologies much more than consumers have. Moreover, in a typical supply chain, there are many B2B transactions, but only one B2C transaction, as the complete product is sold retail to the final customer.

Our B2B eCommerce offering is aimed at manufacturers and/or retailers who need an online tool to manage their members’ internal orders and warehousing.

For more information visit our dedicated website: http://b2b.starsystem.biz