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WebAppointment: manage your appointments and reservations


WebAppointment is a web/cloud platform for the management of appointments and reservations of large and small businesses, delocalized operations centers, multi operator, multi services and external callcenter.

WebAppointment is the best program available for managing appointments.

Fix & go

Intuitive interface that allows, through the simple entry of user data and the requested service, to instantly view locations, operators and available times to make an appointment.


Thanks to the dedicated section, you can analyze the data entered by creating statistics about the influx of customers in different locations and analyze services and times most requested.


System administrators can manage users, create profiles for new operators, change schedules and operations centers.


Allows you to export stored data and import contacts from external software thanks to the import-export functions.

Third-Party Integration

The program is perfectly integrated with the unified communication solutions of Wildix switchboards.

For more information on WebAppointment visit: www.webappointment.it

For more information on integration with Wildix systems go to: www.wildix.com/it/portfolios/webappointment