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Social media marketing

Do the right thing: Connect with people who care about your business

After years of adjustment, the world of social networks seems to have found some stability; three of them: Twitter has taken over real time, Linkedin is the undisputed leader in recruiting and Facebook is the platform where every social action comes to life. Social networks have fully entered the daily life of millions of people: they dictate fashions, launch ideas, spread news.

Social networks are therefore a resource to be exploited. In short: those who want to do communication and web marketing, today can not ignore a constant presence on social networks.

Social media marketing differs from any other type of marketing because it allows companies and customers to interact and comment; a substantially new system to get feedback and advice. This aspect represents a novelty compared to traditional marketing that often relegates the consumer to a mere spectator. Social media marketing on the Internet offers consumers a voice: content alone is not enough, companies must know how to interact.

2 billions of people use Facebook every month.

With the effective tools for selecting the public, your point of sale will be able to address the right people. Using the available information, such as for example:

Demographic data: Choose your audience based on age, gender, education and much more;

Place:Reach people in the cities and provinces near your store. All users who have geolocation on their devices will be able to be conveyed in the display of their geographically targeted advertisements;

Interests: apply filters to your advertisements based on the interests and hobbies of your audience;

Behaviour: Use the identikit of your audience on Facebook to your advantage. Based on their previous buying behaviors, device usage and other activities I could refine and optimize your listings;

Individe your public key and apply the techniques of targetisation

Based on the information we have obtained and processed, we can decide which campaign Facebook to start and make it as effective as possible for you and your company.
Types of advertising campaigns:

  • Notoriety: The main objective of this type of campaign is to make your brand known to as many people as possible. By setting the goal “Cover” you can reach people in a certain geographical area. Perfect for those who want to promote their business nearby. With the Coverage objective you can: maximize coverage for the duration of your campaign; Set the minimum number of days in which to show your ad again and how many times each person can see it through their own frequency settings; you can take advantage of targeting techniques and define a specific audience; add a call to action button such as “Request now, Book now, Contact us, Download, Find out more, Sell now, Buy now, Sign up, View more, Directions, Call now, Send a message now“;
  • Consideration: The objective of this campaign is to interact with your audience. With the setting on “Traffic” you can promote your corporate website. Simply place an appropriate call to action in your ad. This form of interaction is the most widely used form of sponsorship on Facebook. Useful to share business information with users who are not part of your fan base, increase the number of “likes” and boost your business. Interaction with the public increases the fidelization. Create “events”, develop apps and promote app installation, create videos and share. Finally, generate contacts. Useful strategy to find new strong> potential customers. With this campaign you can create a contact collection form tailored to your needs. You can collect names, emails, phone numbers, everything you need to profile potential customers, or take advantage of the objective message campaign that allows you to generate a contact on Messenger;


  • Conversion: Have your customers do something about it. The conversion campaign is the perfect solution for e-commerce and monitoring the behaviour of your users on your website. The implementation of the Facebook pixel in the site is necessary to be able to track the actions that users perform. This campaign is suitable for large e-commerce with a large portfolio of products. Thanks to the dynamic retargeting option, you can show the advertisement to users who have already shown interest in a particular product. Increase visits to the point of sale among people who are near your store. By providing contact information and opening hours you can increase visits and purchases in the store. (This type of campaign is currently being tested by Facebook and is therefore not yet available);

Choose your ad format

The visual and textual composition of the advertisements (images and description, short description) is fundamental. Use a video, an image, a photo that works on your interests, telling your story.

Choose the format that best suits your needs

  • The carousel format is ideal when you have a lot of content and/or products to offer. Anyone who sees the advertisement can scroll through the carousel units by swiping their finger on mobile phones or tablets or clicking on the arrows on a computer screen. It can show more images and information about a specific product.┬áThis type of Facebook for Business advertisement is one of the most effective solutions to decrease the Cost per Acquisition and optimize the performance of your ads.
  • The single image format is useful for attracting attention to your brand using a high-impact image. It is one of the most used because it can be adapted to different positions. Photo advertising is a simple, direct and effective tool that allows advertisers to share and promote their business goals. One element that needs to be taken into account when publishing is the use of images that follow the standards of Facebook
  • The single video format is particularly effective on mobile. People prefer short video insertions (15 seconds maximum). Shorter videos have higher completion rates, so you can share your message in full. The impact of videos in communication is very effective compared to other forms of content for the web, and not only that, implementing and planning a promotion activity through video marketing with Facebook can significantly increase opportunities to do business and bring new customers.
  • Slideshow is a format composed mainly of images, videos or audio that Facebook will play as video in order to capture the customer’s attention and tell your experience. They are easy, fast, useful as tutorials and able to reach people with slow connections
  • Finally collection, advertising format that allows people to interact with your company in an easy and fast way thanks to a visual and immersive experience. Through the union of videos or images, your customers can easily discover your products from mobile. It will help you turn your questions into a sale. You can tell a story and promote your products in a single solution. With this type of advertisement, users can view multiple images through a full screen experience, loaded quickly and without leaving the Facebook app. The interaction with the ad with Collect allows direct access to the website or mobile app even if products are shown. It’s ideal for those who run a retail business.