Digital marketing and remarketing benefits

Remarketing is an increasingly fundamental activity for the success of a website, especially in terms of increased access and in the conversion rate. The ability to reach users again, already approached with previous campaigns, significantly increases the chances of a greater interest in the product or service offered, maximizing their yield. But how does remarketing work and, above all, what are its benefits?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what is meant by remarketing: it is an audience recovery strategy based on new contacts with users already involved in previous campaigns. In other words, when a user leaves a website you can entice him with targeted advertising communications, prompting him to return to the previous site, as well as to complete a conversion.

To make this process possible, it is necessary to refer to a tracking code, known more simply also as a pixel. Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to collect some statistical information on user activities, in full compliance with privacy regulations. For example, you can monitor the geographical position, the time of navigation, the presence on a specific landing page and so on. In the context of remarketing, the use of pixels allows you to offer targeted advertising, encouraging purchases through levers such as discounts or products similar to those sought.

A good remarketing activity is able to increase the number of monthly visits to your website by 40%, to which is added a + 150% in the conversion rate. Furthermore, other types of campaigns can start from the collected user data, such as the forwarding of newsletters, SMS, structuring customized DEMs, as well as proposing surveys to collect user feedback.

Remarketing, however, must be included in a digital strategy that is broad and structured, capable of mixing multiple channels such as social media, Google Ads, Native Advertising and much more. It is also necessary to rely on professionals in the sector, to better master the various channels without annoying users, a fact that could push them away.

Alessandro Sester
Web Specialist
@ Starsystem IT

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Pubblicato il 4 May 2020