The evolution of traditional advertising on the Web

The social media marketing differs from any other type of marketing because it allows companies and customers to interact and comment; a substantially new system to get feedback and advice.
This aspect represents a novelty compared to traditional marketing that often relegates the consumer to a mere spectator. Social media marketing on the Internet offers consumers a voice: content alone is not enough, companies must know how to interact.
The modern brand can no longer limit itself to talking: it must dialogue, build a lasting relationship with the consumer that is based on his satisfaction, be able to share a style, a common imagination, and give him the opportunity to build the product-service on himself as if it were just what he imagines, made especially for him.
Multimedia and web interactivity lend themselves very well to building meaningful contacts for the user. It’s only on the web that you can think of creating a one-to-one strategy, collecting and updating all the necessary information on individual customers and customize communication with each of them. At the same time, the web allows the viral propagation of trends and information, creating communities around shared interests.
Web presence is therefore neither optional nor secondary, at least for those companies that want to confront the modern scenario.
web marketing is the field of brand promotion activities, which uses the contact of the Net to examine and expand business relationships with promotions, advertising, distribution, sales, customer service, all through the Web.

The strategy behind a web marketing project is to give the site maximum visibility. Consistently with the objective, the main tactic is to bring your website to the top of the pages of the results of a search engine, in order to make them more visible than those of its competitors, and therefore preferable.the activities that characterize web marketing are optimization, positioning, search engine marketing, pay per click, banner campaigns, affiliate programs, e-mail marketing … The competence of web marketing includes any action planning that has as its goal the return on the project online.

After years of adjustment, the world of social networks seems to have found some stability; three of them: Twitter has taken over real time, Linkedin is the undisputed leader of recruiting and Facebook is the platform where every social action comes to life. Social networks have fully entered the daily life of millions of people: they dictate fashions, launch ideas, spread news.

Social networks are therefore a resource to be exploited. In short: those who want to do communication and web marketing, today can not ignore a constant presence on social networks.

Silvano Samaretz
@ Starsystem IT

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Pubblicato il 19 June 2019