The importance of having a website

  • There are those who think: “I don’t need a website. I have a Facebook page / LinkedIn / Google”.

Nothing more wrong!

With a professional website, the company controls the story of its history in the online world. In addition, it does not have to compete with surrounding links and ads and other company mentions. The website is their dedicated space to announce to the world wide web: “This is what we do!”

It is therefore necessary to explain to companies and anyone who owns a business, that, while social media is a necessity these days, nothing can replace a website. In addition, websites can do things that social media and a Google My Business page cannot; how to accept reservations and appointments; or sell subscriptions, digital downloads and physical products; or actively target specific keywords for positioning in search results. A website is a powerful tool that you can’t afford to do without.

The web design expert doesn’t make websites in a few clicks.

There are economic platforms for building sites, they are good for small personal sites and companies that do not plan to increase their business.

When this happens, then comes the time when those who engage in this cost saving adventure find themselves in need of a robust content management system and a professional designer to build a website that does everything it takes to be competitive with the competition, while ensuring that it is future-proof. None of these things can be done by anyone without an established knowledge as a web design expert.

Being a web specialist today means having a high specialization in terms of “know-how” in the various areas of online IT: web design techniques, programming, strategy, marketing and server side performance. It is therefore essential to have an eye on the entire IT supply chain, a professional team, innovative ideas, this means understanding what your company does your customer, and why the end customer of your company buys its products, and, only at this point, develop its own project from A to Z, in all areas involved, details and strengths. The final result is, and can only be otherwise, to increase the business opportunities of your customer. Everything else doesn’t matter!

Alessandro Sester
Web Specialist
@ Starsystem IT

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Pubblicato il 3 April 2019