Web development: Trends that will dominate 2019

The trends that will dominate 2019

The web design is constantly evolving, 2019 has just begun and brings with it some news regarding the design and some confirmations acquired in 2018. Specialists agree that it will be 12 months of minimalism and flat design, while multimedia elements will always be more important. 2019 is the year of confirmation of the trends already seen in 2018 with some important news that we will see below.

Speed and mobile first

The 2019 as well as the 2018 will focus on loading speed, but with more focus on mobile-first design. An Akamai study has shown that users tend to leave a site if it is not fully loaded in three seconds, which is why Google Speed Update has given speed greater importance. The mobile-first approach stems from the significant presence of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which in a few years have become the main way to create online traffic. The consequence is that users open a website via mobile devices and not Desktop. In 2019, we’re going to support responsive design without delay, which guarantees the same experience on any device.

Flat design, asymmetries, geometry

The graphic aspect of 2019 will always be characterized by flat and minimalist design. What will represent a new element will be the grids and asymmetric boxes. The diagonal arrangement of a box on a landing page adds originality to the site and seems to be able to stimulate the curiosity of users. As substitutes for photographs, geometric shapes – squares, triangles, circles, etc. – will be used as decorative elements. They can be used for backgrounds or become elements of navigation itself, for example to suggest actions to the user. The biggest advantage is that you can take advantage of highly scalable vectors, which ensure a perfect display on any device and reduce the loading weight compared to raster ones.

Video backgrounds and mini-animations

2018 was a year of static images and photo slideshows for landing pages, like the classic box under the navigation menu, while 2019 could be characterized by video backgrounds. They will always be enclosed in boxes, but they will be loops with a very light weight, for example to show a geometric game below the opening message of the site. There will also be mini-animations thanks to the great versatility of HTML 5.  They could be used for the transitions of the pop-up menus, to show the map of the navigation directories, to click on a link and much more.


In 2019, professional sites or sites dedicated to the sale of products will not miss a system of immediate and real-time interaction with the user. Thanks to this we could witness the explosion of chatbots, in appropriate windows accessible from any page of the site.

Romina Bassani
Marketing Specialist
@ Starsystem IT

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Pubblicato il 10 January 2019