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What do you tell buyers the total of “Like” on a Facebook page

Do you tend to trust more than one page that has 50 “likes” or one that has 10,000?

The basis of loyal “likes” on a page is the primary audience to which you address on Facebook talking about organic (free activity) and that, if well profiled and stimulated, allows you to viralize your content, not to mention that the number of fans has a very important value for your brand.

The people connected to our page allow you to:

Have a geolocalized and loyal pool of users

The audience of your page is invaluable in terms of advertising, as it allows you to build your campaigns on an “identikit” of what people have trusted you, giving companies the opportunity to acquire new customers through the lead generation.

Increase the effectiveness of your advertisements, personal relationships with your audience and their contacts

It is one of the fundamental pillars of the Facebook advertising system, the possibility to add a social context to the ads (“Maria X, Luca Y and Giulia Z like this page”) and thus increase their effectiveness. On the other hand, we are more likely to trust a brand that our friends have already trusted.

Reduce the cost of the pay-as-you-go course

Thanks to the social context, which generally improves the performance of ads, the cost of ads is lower than those without any social context.

Have valuable statistical Insights

On your fan base you can have a set of data that helps you understand what your audience likes best, what demographic characteristics it has and many other things you can discover with the advanced tools of Facebook.

Optimize strategies based on customer feedback

Fans of a company, if well profiled, can help improve creativity by relying on the feedback they give you.


Alessandro Sester
Web Project Manager
@ Starsystem IT

Pubblicato il 10 April 2020