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Portal B2B for DGGroup


We have been working with DGGroup since 2001

The DGGroup business-to-business portal has a long history, which began in 2001 with the beginning of the collaboration with StarSystem, a large distribution structure that through hundreds of points of sale in the field of consumer electronics throughout Italy, takes care of the distribution of appliances, audio / video, computer science and office automation.

All members and affiliates share the same passion and dedication in putting into practice the commitment in their work: to offer you the highest professionalism and expertise on the market, with the best advice and the most accurate service.


B2B software for purchasing groups

DGGroup has adopted our B2B web program since 2001, the software has grown thanks to the continuous collaboration and implementations carried out over the years in terms of functionality and technological innovation.

Our B2B portal is specific for medium to large consortia, affiliations and purchasing groups.

  • Automate order collection.
  • Promote stock disposal.
  • Communicate more effectively with your customers.
  • Increase your turnover and reduce some items of expenditure.
  • Provide those services that are too expensive or very difficult to achieve with traditional methods


Year after year Starsystem has created a B2B site tailored to our needs to simplify the daily operations of physical stores connected to the DGGroup consortium in a way that many competitors have called “the best B2B site for a physical store”. In addition to receiving and implementing our requests, it has often proposed solutions that have helped us to automate procedures and speed up the business. It is difficult to quantify the economic benefits that have certainly been significant in terms of recovery of efficiency and effectiveness. Certainly they have an extremely interesting quality/price ratio.
From the 30 million euros of the first year to the current 400 million, it has grown with us and we have never felt the need to change. It is not a service provider but a real partner with whom to share business.

Mauro Bordin
General Manager at DGGroup

Pubblicato il 1 September 2019