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Expert buying groups totem project

A complete system, unique in its kind, for functionality and user experience

Expert buying groups have chosen an innovative solution to guarantee their customers a superior experience in their stores: interactive totems.
The use of totems inside your store is the solution to provide information about the products sold to visitors in an interactive way, orienting them quickly to the purchase of the desired item, thanks to an easy consultation.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, users will be able to access the following features:

  • View current flyers and promotions
  • Search for products by name or category
  • Apply filters to refine the search
  • Search for technical characteristics of the product
  • View product sheets
  • Ability to compare two or three products
  • Sales support for retailers, giving access to information related to the sale of the item, its availability in various locations and the possibility of repurchase

The interactive information point inside your store

It is suitable for public use workstations equipped with touchscreen: it has a modular structure and can be implemented by adding new functions. It adopts a Client-Server technology for the management and administration of the system: a convenient back office system allows the updating of the contents and their rapid publication on the totems on the network.

The entire back office has been realized with simple web pages, accessible by the staff of the stores: the information about price, availability and offers are automatically taken from the store management, without any intervention by the store staff.

Designed specifically for touch screen systems, it offers a very intuitive and user friendly user interface, capable of facilitating the consultation operations to a large pool of users.

  • Cloud-based system that does not require installation and maintenance activities
  • 100% web: all you need is a browser to use it
  • Can have horizontal or vertical presentation
  • Supports full HD and 4k resolution

One of the main advantages of multimedia totems is their ability to attract customers’ attention, as moving images and videos are much more effective than static images. Compared to traditional signage, content can be programmed and played back: placing it in strategic locations will not go unnoticed by store visitors.

Consulting and sales support

The totems made represent a valid support to sales: in addition to attracting the attention of customers, they contain useful information for the sale, which is used by the store staff. Not only does it indicate the technical characteristics of a particular article, but the shopkeeper has access to information regarding the sale of the article, its availability in the various locations and the possibility of repurchase.

The totem is connected with the store’s website:

  • Prices, availability and offers are the same.
  • If a customer visiting the store uses the “share” function, he/she will receive via email or message a link for the purchase consultation that will refer to the store’s website.
  • After comparing two or more items it is possible to forward via email or sms the results of the comparison, with a link to the store’s website.

Pubblicato il 8 July 2022