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Expert point of sale portal of the GAER Group

You can now find your trusted store online as well!

Working with GAER since 2016

40 years ago GAER was founded, a group that today has more than 200 independent stores in almost all regions of Italy, all specializing in electronics, large and small household appliances, information technology and telephony.

Over 200 stores strong on price, unbeatable on service!

The group is made up of people who have created their proximity stores with a strong identity: it is the people in the store under the house, today with cutting-edge products and services but with the expertise of the past, to gain the trust of customers.




74 portals made for Expert stores: discover the online promotions of your trusted store!

Expert Point of Sale Portal of the GAER Group

We have created a web application for the GAER group of stores that allows users to view promotions and offers of their trusted store conveniently online, whenever and wherever they want. The simple and intuitive interface allows a good navigation experience for users. The site is responsive, i.e. it adapts its template and functions according to the size of the display, to make the display of the site optimal with any device (smartphone, pc or tablet).

In the main screen of the site is possible:

  • consult the entire catalog
  • view the offers and browse the current flyers
  • know availability, complete data sheet, price and discount of the article
  • book the item to place the order: you can do it by calling, sending a Whatsapp or filling in the specific form directly at the point of sale
  • find information and contacts of the point of sale

Proximity E-commerce: your trusted store is now also online

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed customers’ buying habits: the lockdown and the consequent ban on unnecessary travel has forced many people to buy online for the first time.

Proximity e-commerce is a digital sales channel that complements the physical store, leveraging the enormous potential of online commerce. Once you have browsed the full catalog or flyers, you can proceed to purchase directly from the site:

  • installation service
  • collection of your used equipment
  • option “buy and receive at home
  • option “buy and collect in store”

Pubblicato il 4 February 2021