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Athesia Buch also chooses Web Appointment

Quick booking that allows your customers to book online and see real-time availability


We have been working with Athesia Buch since 2020

Athesia is a large chain of book and stationery stores: the retail area employs about 200 people and has 15 sales outlets (stationery stores and bookshops) throughout South Tyrol.

Athesia is synonymous with South Tyrol, tradition, but also innovation and the values that have been the foundation of the company’s culture for over 150 years.

A solution for managing customer reservations Athesia Buch

Athesia Buch is also using our Web Appointment solution for in-store appointment bookings: the situation due to Covid-19 has forced stores to restrict their entrances in order to protect the health and safety of their customers and to comply with government regulations.

It works for any business, from sole proprietorships to companies with multiple locations, such as Athesia Buch, which has 15 stores throughout South Tyrol: from the website, customers can select the store they are interested in and then proceed with booking.

  • Simplicity: a quick and easy booking system that optimizes the booking process, saving time for both the customer and the retailer.
  • Ability to instantly view available locations and times in order to make an appointment.
  • Ability to book a visit to the store or your own participation in an event, such as a book presentation.
  • Handy reminders notify customers via email, sending a reminder just before their appointment.



Once the client has confirmed their booking, Athesia Buch receives the data of the scheduled appointment directly on the Web Appointment calendar, from which it can administer the booking and access the information provided by the client.

Web Appointment is a complete web software for scheduled appointment management, realized by StarSystem IT. It is aimed at all those companies that are faced with the need to manage large quantities of reservations and appointments.


For more information about WebAppointment visit the website: www.webappointment.it


Pubblicato il 11 February 2021