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Marangoni Spa chooses the Wildix Cloud solution

New Wildix switchboard installation in Cloud for Marangoni

Working with Marangoni Spa since 2020

In 1940 Marangoni Spa was founded: from a small workshop in northern Italy, the company is today a large international group.

After seventy years of activity in the tire sector, Marangoni confirms its position as a globally recognized leader in retreading systems.

Wildix switchboard in Cloud solution

Phone calls, emails, video calls, chat, share the screen, send documents: all from a single interface!
Communications pass through numerous channels: pc, phones, smartphones and numerous software for sending emails, documents and the use of chat and video calls. Communication, especially corporate communication, must be simple, immediate and effective because it is the basis of every activity.
This is possible thanks to Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C): we have installed and configured for our customer Marangoni the Wildix Voip switchboard with the Cloud formula, all centralized in a single switchboard.

Wildix Collaboration is a collaboration system with a web interface that allows to:

  • collaborate in a simple, fast and secure way to all employees of a company, in any branch office in the world;
  • use their mobile devices, not only through company devices;
  • start a conference, a call, share the screen, send faxes and virtual reminders – all with a simple click.
  • access anywhere you are (office, home, away, as long as there is an internet connection), from any device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet) without any component installation.
  • know in real time where any colleague is (if he is available, absent or busy in another conversation), thanks to Presence and Geolocation functions.


Pubblicato il 11 November 2020