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Wildix PBX for Studio Pola

We have been working with Studio Pola since 2011



Studio Pola is a business and tax consulting firm with thirty years of experience in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises.

A streamlined, efficient, modern and innovative structure that offers its clients a personal relationship aimed at satisfying their needs.

Professionalism and competence are the pillars of a wide range of services in tax, accounting, corporate, litigation and administrative matters.

Studio Pola chooses unified communication with Wildix PBX

Studio Pola has decided to rely on Wildix to manage the numerous phone calls and communications of their company in a completely new way with a cloud-based PBX.

Communication, especially business communication, must be simple, immediate and effective because it is the basis of every activity: this is possible thanks to Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C).

We have installed and configured for our client Studio Pola the Wildix Voip PBX with the Cloud formula, all centralized: the installation of the new PBX has improved the management and efficiency in handling phone calls and voicemail, bringing higher performance.

Wildix Collaboration is a collaboration system with a web interface that allows you to:

  • collaborate easily, quickly and securely with all employees in a company;
  • use their mobile devices, not just through their corporate devices;
  • initiate a conference, make a call, share a screen, send faxes and virtual memos – all with a simple click.
  • access wherever you are (office, home, on the road, as long as there is an internet connection), from any device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet) without any component installation.
  • know in real time where any colleague is (if he is available, absent or busy in another conversation), thanks to the Presence and Geolocation functions.

Studio Pola

Thanks to the installation of the new Wildix PBX, we have improved efficiency in handling phone calls and voicemail, with higher performance and better internal management. I would recommend StarSystem to a colleague, an efficient and reliable partner.

Christian Pola
Studio Pola

Pubblicato il 24 May 2021