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Ferca website restyling


We work with Ferca since 2009

Ferca is a buying group organized for hardware born in Padua in 1973. Today, more than 70 stores throughout Italy have chosen to be part of Ferca, a reality born from the intuition of far-sighted entrepreneurs who have found a way to stand up to competition and especially differentiate themselves from large retailers.

The customer had already relied on us for the creation of the B2B portal of the group, specifically for medium-large consortia, affiliations and buying groups. We were also chosen to carry out the restyling of their institutional website, with an ad hoc graphic project.

Renewed graphics for an attractive and effective site

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, who are increasingly present online, you need to stand out among users’ search results with attractive graphics and valuable content. To do this it is necessary to plan periodic restyling operations of your website to refresh the corporate image and optimize the site for search engines.

An ad hoc theme was created, according to the graphic and structural specifications agreed with the client, following a thorough analysis of the competition and the best usability solutions.

The colors used reflect the corporate identity, which is fundamental for the project: this is because the Group strongly supports the ideal of a united and visually recognizable group, to face the fierce competition of the Large-Scale Retail Trade.


We created for the company a web portal with WordPress, fully responsive according to the new “mobile first” paradigm, prioritizing accessibility and specific functionality of mobile smartphone and tablet devices.

WordPress is an open source web software platform and content management system (CMS) i.e., a program that, running server-side, allows the creation and distribution of an Internet site consisting of textual or multimedia content, which can be easily managed and dynamically updated.

WordPress powers 39 percent of all websites on the Internet, including those without on a content management system (CMS) or with a self-developed CMS. To put it plainly, WordPress powers over a third of the web!

Site optimization for search engines

With the term restyling we often think only about the graphic aspect of a website, but it’s an operation that goes well beyond this. We can’t reason only in aesthetic terms as the user interface has an increasing weight, going to affect the positioning of the site on search engines: it is well known that Google gives great importance to the user experience while browsing online.

For this project, great attention has been given to the user experience: navigation is simple and intuitive, on every device, and the content structure has been revised, for greater readability and understanding. The keywords, for the business in question, have been exploited to position the client in the first page of Google SERP results, in order to attract potential new stores to join Ferca Group.

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving: a site may lose positions for keywords relevant to your business, so it is essential to update the content and make a restyling periodically.

When is a redesign of your website necessary?

The term “restyling” may make you think of a simple graphic makeover, but it is much more than that. The restyling of a website is a much more complex and comprehensive operation, which affects many aspects, such as usability, positioning and user experience.

If you recognize yourself in at least one of these statements, it’s time to evaluate a restyling activity for your website:

  • Your site is not optimized for mobile browsing
  • Your website is not user friendly
  • Your website is not positioned in the top Google search results
  • Your website does not convey what your company and your brand wants to communicate
  • Your website has old and unattractive graphics

Does your website need a makeover?

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Pubblicato il 28 April 2022