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Creation of a new website for Hypercomnet

We have been working with Hypercomnet since 2020

Hypercomnet was born in 2012 as a spinoff of CIE Telecommunications and carries an experience in Corporate Telecommunications dating back to the late 70s.

Hypercomnet’s mission is to give a concrete response to companies looking for the best Unified Communication solution, with integrated systems designed to customer specifications and able to increase performance and reduce costs.



WordPress website project realization

We have created for our customer a web portal with WordPress, fully responsive according to the new paradigm “mobile first“, giving priority to accessibility and specific functionality of mobile smartphones and tablets.

WordPress is an open source web and content management system (CMS) software platform that, running on the server side, allows the creation and distribution of a website made up of text or multimedia content, easily manageable and updatable in a dynamic way.
WordPress feeds 34% of all websites on the Internet, including those without a content management system (CMS) or with a CMS developed in-house. To put it plainly, WordPress powers over a third of the web!


We have relied on Starsystem to create the new website. Finally we have an updated website, easy to understand and at the same time innovative. We hope to increase our business thanks to the use of this new platform and its correct positioning. Starsystem quickly understood what our goal was and was able to develop a project respecting the agreed timing and above all going beyond our expectations. We chose them also for their knowledge in the world of Unified Communications I will absolutely recommend them as a reliable and competent company.

Michele Giamundo

Pubblicato il 27 April 2020