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Casamarket and Facebook Ads: notoriety and results



We have been working with Casamarket since 2020

Casamarket is a retail company where you can find everything you need for your home. They also feature an early childhood department, toys, gifts and personal care items.

We’ve worked with Casamarket to improve their online presence on social media, which is also essential for physical stores: interacting and conversing with your customers is a great way to engage them and establish trust.



Facebook Social Media Marketing Campaigns

With Casamarket we have managed campaigns to increase the notoriety of the store, reaching people in a certain geographical area: a perfect strategy for those who want to promote their business nearby.

The sponsorships were “targeted” according to the customer’s requests and produced excellent results in terms of “engagement”, showing ads relevant to the ideal customers for Casamarket to increase sales in the store.

At the same time we worked to increase loyalty on the page, to give momentum to the business and acquire loyal customers: this allows over time to contact people who have expressed interest, simply by publishing a post on their page.



We felt the need to reach more customers and to increase the visibility of the store: advertising on Facebook reached the geo-localized audience nearby our store and allowed us to get known to people interested in what we sell.
We achieved excellent results thanks to the collaboration with Starsystem: I appreciated their willingness and cooperation to meet our ideas.

Nicola Marcon

Pubblicato il 9 April 2020