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Web Marketing inauguration of La Fornarina Bakery

We have been working with La Fornarina bakery since 2019

Bakery owned by the historic bakery of Levico Terme, sale of bread with unique varieties and specialties, the without yeast, sourdough, without salt, cakes…

Also strudel Trentino, Treccia mochena and pizza by the cut, cooked on stone in a wood-burning oven. Freshly baked bread also in the afternoon.



Facebook Social Media Marketing Campaigns

We took care of the creation of the Facebook page and all the advertising related to the opening event of the store open to the public in Borgo Valsugana (TN). Given the results we can say it was a success!

Sponsorships have been “targetized” according to customer requests and have produced excellent results in terms of “engagement”, the audience of the Facebook page!

“La Fornarina” Bakery

I didn’t expect a result so at the opening event we had a lot of people, pointing all the marketing budget in advertising on Facebook was a welcome and pleasant surprise. Apt investment that gave its economic return almost immediately.

Shop owner at "La Fornarina"


Pubblicato il 13 December 2019