Advertising: in 2021 online investments will exceed traditional investments

Companies continue to increase the budget share invested in digital pay channels and confidence in the global advertising market is improving rapidly.

A well-established concept is that online advertising is not just advertising but above all a real method for the creation of leads (well-profiled potential customers who express interest in our products/services) with which to engage a path focused on the transfer of knowledge (not only of the brand) and the ever-growing offer of value in their favour.

In Italy, companies’ advertising investments have been divided as follows:

TV 47%
Online 36% (In 2021 it will be 52%)

Papers/Magazine 12%
Radio 5%

Investing in advertising guarantees companies a minimum increase in annual return on investment (ROI). A careful analysis of media channels helps to maintain this level of return, a result that proves the effectiveness of online advertising, especially when it comes to increased profitability and therefore overall turnover for companies that take advantage of this opportunity can grow beyond current levels and generate profits above expectations.

The online advertising sector has never experienced a crisis, with a growth that has always been exponential, once again confirmed by the latest market research.

Alessandro Sester
Web Specialist
@ Starsystem IT

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Pubblicato il 6 March 2020