Increase mobile conversions with Google

Until not so long ago, companies focused primarily on optimizing the UX for users connected by desktop computers. Today, however, 40% of online purchases are made from mobile devices, and brands need to understand what is the best approach to helping consumers convert to smaller screens.

To keep up with this new type of mobile shopper, businesses need to learn quickly.

Although there is no single universal recipe for UX (other than A/B tests), there are a few essential principles that can make a big difference to your conversion rates and the user experience you offer your customers.

In fact, just mastering the basics can help you get the first results.

A recent Google study found that almost half (49%) of retail sites do not warn users in real time if they make mistakes when filling out forms.

The UX of your mobile site is as satisfying as you think?

On average, companies give their UX an 8 out of 10 rating. In our study, however, only a few major brands, including and eBay, have achieved results above 80%.

Google has decided to bring together in a new website called Masterful Mobile all the best practices adopted by these major brands and other companies operating in the retail, finance and travel sectors.

The site was created using AMP and PWA technologies, and follows the same best practices we have been looking for on other sites (which was not easy at all).

Even if these “masters of the mobile Web” operate in sectors other than yours, on the site you will still find many essential principles and techniques to inspire you and that you can adopt. In doing so, it is very likely that you will see a positive impact on the user experience of your site.

In addition, in the retail sector, the Turkish fashion and home goods brand morhipo signals low product availability to create a sense of urgency and generate more conversions.


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Pubblicato il 13 October 2019