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When we enter a physical store a salesman comes up to us asking if we need help. Sometimes the presence of the salesperson remains on us even when we answered “I just want to take a look”: for some people it can be nerve-wracking but the task of a good store is not only to sell, but also to support, inform and reassure customers.

The same applies to e-commerce, but not all sites are designed to guarantee an optimal shopping experience to their customers.

We have identified an 8-step strategy that you can adopt to optimize your e-commerce (and you will see that conversions will benefit!):

optimize your ecommerce
  • Think like your customer

The primary objective of your e-commerce, it is clear, are sales. But what is in the first place for you, for your customer is just the conclusion of a positive experience within your site. Understanding your customers and customizing their experience is essential to get good results. Think how a customer would do: what is missing from my site and how can I improve?

  • Use the home page for important communications

Your home page must be simple and well organized, it will be the showcase of your store! Show at the top of the page banners with special promotions or products on offer, news or information such as “free shipping”.

  • Assist customers at any time

Install a chatbot where your customers can contact you at any time (you sleep at midnight, but your customers may want to make a purchase on your site and need assistance). Take advantage of technology for fast, 24/7 support.

  • Product boards: pay attention to SEO!

Your customers cannot touch the product you sell, so product sheets should be as complete as possible. Show the article with several good quality photos and describe it in a clear and detailed way; the contents should be optimized in SEO perspective to increase your visibility on search engines and reduce advertising costs.

  • Enhance your customers’ opinion

It’s your customers who build the reputation and credibility of your site: a product sheet with good reviews of those who have already purchased can make the difference in the decision making process of a new customer. Allow users to leave feedback and share their experience, even through social networks.

  • Simplify payment

Most users are more likely to make a purchase if the site allows you to complete the transaction quickly. The frontend /backend framework and technology must ensure a fast and easy payment experience.

  • Optimize your site for different devices

Smartphone, computer or tablet? Consumers use different devices every day to browse online and you can’t know exactly when they will visit your site. Create a responsive site that adapts its content according to the device on which it is displayed: remember that the increase in traffic coming from smartphones is constantly growing but don’t forget the other devices!

  • Speed up your site

If your site takes too long to load you will lose the interest of your visitors. Take advantage of these tips for an optimized site:

-Check with your CDN Network providers (Akamai, Cloudflare) if settings are available to accommodate requests faster

-Store http code in the cache to improve loading times for users who return to your site

-Compress text and images (but without compromising visual quality)

-Delete unused tags, remove obsolete functionality and delete excess parts of CSS and JS code

-You can check the speed of your site with online tools like Test My Site and PageSpeed Insights.

The management of an e-commerce, like that of a physical store, is not easy: you need a good strategy, which allows you to stand out from your competitors, and a constant analysis of the data collected and the results obtained.

The Starsystem team can help you create and optimize your e-commerce, to help you achieve your business goals.

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Pubblicato il 18 November 2020