Vendita al dettaglio: cinque modi per coinvolgere i consumatori durante le feste e nel 2020

That time of year has come when wish lists are created, shipments are multiplied and the world of retailing is more committed than ever. Christmas shopping begins in September and continues until after Christmas1. This is not only the season in which to be happy, but also the season in which you need to do online advertising campaigns. Let’s take a look at the trends to consider2 to work best in this period.

Research trends provide useful information to help you maximise the power of your seasonal campaigns and, to predict the evolution of consumer habits in the coming months and in 2020, we have compared research trends in the last quarter of 2018 with the same period last year.

According to the analysis, consumers across EMEA are increasingly focusing on two key aspects: convenience and savings. Here are five ways in which marketing professionals can meet the needs of shoppers who have no time and are trying to save money, so they can get exactly what they’re looking for this season.

1. Prefer clarity
People want to know on which days shops are open at this time of year. When there is little time left for last-minute gifts, consumers sometimes switch from browsing online to visiting retailers in person. Many retailers change their opening hours during public holidays, for example by extending their opening hours on Sundays or closing early on Christmas Eve.

Action: Use ad extensions to make it easy for shoppers to see the days and hours your physical store is open.


2. Neighbourhood can make a difference
When there is little time left to complete the list of gifts, people try to make the last purchases without moving too much or wasting too much time in the search. Many people use mobile devices to create itineraries on the spot, as our analysis has shown an increase in searches for nearby shops and services.

Action: Show local search network announcements on Google Maps so customers can easily find directions to your nearest location and find out if they have time to visit it before the daily closing.


3. Offer generous discounts
During the Christmas period last year, there has been an increase in searches for offers, coupons and promotions online and we can expect this trend to be repeated this year. Many people have to make lots of purchases and try to save where they can, not only on gifts, but also on food and basic necessities that can be ordered online.

Action: Use remarketing ads to show an offer or discount code on a product that shoppers have already looked at on your site before they leave.


4. Be available
At this time of year, there was an increase in research into both online shopping and customer service. Increasing the number of purchases and shipments also increases the likelihood that orders will be delayed or lost. As a result, reseller call centers may experience increased volumes of inquiries.

Actions: Help people receive gifts on time by offering an online chat option. Shows estimated shipping times and considers adding a countdown to ads so buyers don’t exceed the shipping deadline.

5. Use your head
In electronics, wireless headset searches increased in the last quarter of 2018 compared to the same period a year earlier. Whether it’s a gift or buying a new model for themselves, people use a variety of terms to look for gadgets to help them get their hands free. For example, terms such as wireless, cordless, Bluetooth and wireless are often used interchangeably, with variations between languages.

Action: This season offers an excellent opportunity for global review of search terms. Google Ads Keyword Planning Tool detects relevant keywords and estimates offers so you can plan a more efficient search campaign.

While the days until the end of the year are for many a time to devote to shopping and parties, for advertisers and brands is a great time to review and optimize their marketing strategies. Provide useful information, services and support to consumers and don’t miss the opportunity to play an important role in the gift season.

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Pubblicato il 25 November 2019