What’s new on Facebook in 2021

We are in the early months of the new year and Facebook has made some important changes, bound to bring changes in social media marketing strategies: let’s see together the main changes on the world’s most popular social platform.

Facebook Shop

The showcases we had on the page are becoming something more complex that interfaces directly with the business manager through the sales manager and allows you to upload your own product catalog.

This is an incredible opportunity for those who already sell online: companies that do not yet sell on the web can currently limit themselves to sending a message to the customer to request information.

In Italy, the ability to sell directly on social has not yet been implemented: the big revolution will come when it will be possible to sell from Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp – which will make it easier to see the return on investment.

Removed the “Likes” in favor of followers

Just as the exact number of reactions to a photo has been hidden on Instagram, with the new update Facebook removes the Likes count from a page. This shows Facebook’s great willingness to give less and less importance to vanity metrics.

This decision of the social platform is to increase the attention towards the community and, above all, towards the quality of community management by the brands. 

There remain the “followers” of the page, that is, the people who follow the content we publish: very often they coincide with the same people who are fans of the page.


Decommissioning third-party cookies and the problem of privacy

The release of IOS14 will mean a huge impact for social media marketing campaigns, in terms of optimization and tracking. Audience sizes may decrease because people with iOS 14 may not be included.

The changes won’t just affect iOS users but the entire tracking system: before Facebook provided campaigns with 28 days post-click and 1 day from view data by default, while now 7 days post-click and 1 day from view – causing a slump in conversions.

Facebook is working to provide workarounds, at the moment aggregate event measurement should be configured.

It’s a protocol that allows you to prioritize what are the most important events on your website, so that Facebook continues to monitor them anonymously.
The problem is that when the user takes an action on your site, this type of measurement only counts the most important one (and not all the others) and you have a limited number of slots (maximum 8 trackable events).

One might ask, “But isn’t it worth investing in other social networks?”
It’s always a good idea to diversify your marketing strategy, but this can’t be the solution: more than 80% of Italian users who are on the internet have a Facebook account. You can start your campaign on TikTok, but is your client subscribed to this social? Does it bring the same kind of performance as a Facebook campaign?

Two billion people use Facebook every month, an excellent showcase for your company to connect with potential customers: at Starsystem we can help you develop a social media marketing strategy to reach your business goals.

Pubblicato il 12 March 2021