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DGGroup web portal

DGGroup web portal: flyers and online offers


Working with DGGroup since 2001

DGGroup boasts a large distribution structure: through hundreds of points of sale in the field of consumer electronics, present throughout Italy, it takes care of the distribution of household appliances, audio/video, IT and office automation.

All members and affiliates share the same passion and dedication in putting into practice the commitment in their work: to offer you the highest professionalism and expertise on the market, with the best advice and the most accurate service.

Online flyers for Expert stores: more than 3 million views in 6 months.

DGGroup website

Domex is the DGGroup’s main communication site.

The simple and intuitive interface allows a good navigation experience for users. The site is responsive, i.e. it adapts its template and functions depending on the size of the display, to make the display of the site optimal with any device (smartphone, pc or tablet).

In the main screen of the site is possible:

  • browse the flyers in progress
  • view the articles in promotion, highlighted on the home page
  • search for a specific article, selecting a category from the menu or making a search
  • consult the map of the points of sale located in the territory and from here visit the online portal of the selected store


174 small holders made for Expert stores: find the Expert store nearest to you!

 Portal for purchasing groups


We have created for 174 sales points of the DGGroup a personal website, where the customer can:

  • consult the entire catalog
  • view the offers and browse the current flyers
  • know availability, complete data sheet, price and discount of the article
  • book the item to place the order: you can do it by calling, sending a Whatsapp or filling in the specific form directly at the point of sale
  • find information and contacts of the point of sale

In the first 6 months since the launch of the portals there has been a considerable number of page views: since May 2020 we have recorded more than 3 million views.


Social Media Marketing Facebook Campaigns

We manage campaigns on Facebook in an automated way but tailored to each individual store: we promote the promotional activities of the flyer and schedule specific posts for each store.

Sponsorships are “targetizzate” based on customer requests: addressing the right audience we have obtained excellent results in terms of engagement and post coverage.

Google Network Campaigns Display

Google Ads Display campaigns are activated for each portal: the banners, displayed by the users during the navigation, go directly to the Domex site: on the site the geolocation service is active and from the main DGGroup portal customers are redirected to the website of the nearest store.
This is a strategy of digital marketing reasoned to make potential customers perform specific conversions on the site: the collection of “leads” and interactions aims to increase physical visits in individual pints of sale.

Pubblicato il 1 September 2022