Google search is getting smarter

Reached new milestones in understanding information

Every day, billions of people use Google to search for answers to their questions. These can be simple questions like the next day’s weather, but people also go to Google looking for help with more complex tasks, like taking care of dental hygiene or planning a family vacation. These are more difficult questions and require several searches to inquire about the topic and find an answer.

By featuring Google and Verto Analytics, a study was conducted on over 10,000 volunteer consumers to understand what the average user’s online search path looks like. By taking Micah, a buyer persona used for this study, it was possible to identify the various touchpoints he stopped at before purchasing an electric toothbrush.


MUM: the new Google goal for understanding information

Artificial intelligence innovations are helping to make information more useful, allowing people to complete complex tasks in less time and more easily than in the past – all of which is impacting consumers (as well as the marketers trying to reach them).

Google has announced MUM, Multitask Unified Model, one of the first multimodal AI models. What it means. That it can understand information gathered in a wide range of different formats at once, such as text, images and video. It can find information by establishing relationships between concepts, topics and ideas – MUM is a big step forward in Google’s ability to understand information and provide better search results.


During your Sunday ride did your bike’s shifter break and no mechanic is open? With Google Lens you will be able to point your camera and asking “how do I fix it?”, Google will be able to figure out the problem and you would be shown useful information from the web to help you fix the problem, for example via a YouTube video.

Using MUM Google could show you related topics mentioned in those videos and help you better understand the mechanics of the bike and how to maintain it to prevent other problems in the future.

This feature also simplifies your shopping experiences. When you see something you like online, or in the physical world, you can use Google Search to find “this sofa but in shades of red” or some “socks with this floral pattern.” In this way, shopping experiences become more natural and intuitive.

Stay updated to grow your business

To be successful in this new world, businesses must be ready to continuously adapt – only then can they make sure they are visible at all crucial moments of people’s searches. All of this can translate into creating more high-quality content relevant to the questions people ask.

Google Search updates and innovations will continue to offer new ways for people to find information and connect with businesses near them. If you want to get the best results for your business, rely on professional marketers to help your business be resilient and grow in the long run.

Pubblicato il 23 March 2022