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The many benefits of a VoIP PBX

Choose Wildix for your company's switchboard: faster, smarter, more social communication

Voip (Voice Over IP) means “voice over Internet Protocol”-it is the technology of the moment, the one that allows people to call each other by exploiting the potential of the network, without going through the old, traditional PSTN. A VoIP PBX transforms the old analog instrument into something completely virtual, which has no physical location but is contained in a datacenter. What is essential is a stable network to the Internet, an adsl network or even better a fiber line.

Wildix offers simple and easy-to-use tools that save up to 25 percent of working time, increase productivity, and qualify corporate work: work better to earn more.


Unifying communication: save time in everyday operations and increase efficiency in the workplace

Every day we use numerous communication tools: the telephone, cordless phone, cell phone, PC with chat and social networks. Thanks to Unified Communications, we are able to unify all these tools into a single interface, making it easier to choose the most appropriate one.

Address books shared on every device, real-time presence status of colleagues – to choose whether to send a chat, call or invite one or more co-workers to a video conference – are just an example of how much more simply we can communicate, thanks to a Unified Communications system.

So much functionality in one PBX:

  • Comprehensive management via control panel
  • Automated answering machines, voicemail and advanced address book
  • Multi-user conferencing and video conferencing
  • Call queuing
  • Operator groups
  • Advanced statistics

… and much more! Contact us if you have a specific request, we look forward to meeting you to bring improvements to your business.

Upgradeable phone systems with advanced features built ah hoc for your business

The telephone system for Wildix Voip PBXs is next-generation and software-based: this means it is constantly upgradable and has a wide range of advanced features.

We build advanced Wildix integrations for the most complex PBXs, which require additional features designed specifically to meet specific needs.At Starsystem we have more than 20 years of experience in programming, configuration, and software development. A complete overview and perfect knowledge of Wildix systems allows us to develop solutions that optimize our clients’ work.

voip centralino

Cancel the distance between your company's various locations

In a globalizing market, it is increasingly common to have locations or offices in different countries around the world.Wildix PBXs use an intercommunication network that allows users working in geographically distant locations to interact with each other seamlessly, as if they were in the same office. All users communicate with each other free of charge and can log in to any central office because their personal settings are available at each location.

Wildix Collaboration is a web-interface collaboration system that enables all employees of a company, in any branch in the world, to collaborate in a way that is simple, fast and secure way. Communicating with your colleagues across locations has never been easier, just a click away!

Your security first: Wildix Cloud PBX is secure by design

With cyber attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, digital security for a business is a key issue. In the case of VoIP PBXs, a successful attack results in phone traffic being stolen and resold on clandestine auctions to make illegal calls at the expense of those purchasing the PBX service. 

Wildix is a UC&C platform secure by design: there is no need for external firewalls or session border controllers to protect against attacks.

Wildix Cloud Switchboard is built to be secure natively: it provides, for example, Session Border Controller (SBC) technology or 2-factor authentication to protect the Cloud environment. Are you sure that the other Cloud switchboard solutions you are considering have native security?

Still have doubts about VoIP PBXs?

Contact us without obligation, we will assess your needs together to optimize your corporate communication and revolutionize your business.

Silvano Samaretz
@ Starsystem IT

Pubblicato il 31 August 2022