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Tourism: it starts again

Tourism restarts, be ready

Adopt the best digital strategies to reach your customers and hit the ground running!

With the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 Covid-19 has brought many limitations to the tourism sector, with huge repercussions on the economy: with the spread of vaccines and the new provisions there seems to be a glimmer of hope for Italian tourism.

In a period of constant uncertainty for the future, reassuring potential customers by providing them with flexibility and security in their bookings will bring you good results in terms of conversion. 

During the pandemic, people’s habits have changed, with an unprecedented momentum for digital. It becomes essential to communicate through digital tools: a careful social media marketing plan, specific campaigns on Google’s Search and Display network and a website where users can land thanks to our personalized ads.

Storytelling and social media

Tell about yourself through social media

People spend a good part of their time on social media, Facebook and Instagram in primis: they look for entertainment and inspiration, even for their own travels.

Take advantage of these powerful digital tools to tell your story in an authentic and engaging way: share the experiences of your users, document with photos and videos your compliance with anti-Covid measures and the quality of your services. 

Also tell about all that the area where your accommodation is located offers, showing the activities, experiences and unmissable places that the area has to offer.

Focus on loyal clients

Focus on customers who already know you

Customers who already know you and have stayed at your facility will be more likely to book their vacations, so a good marketing strategy is essential to increase bookings.

The information you collect from your customers is a resource that you can use to great effect. Have a list containing the valuable information of those who have already been your customers: you can use it in different ways to implement a winning strategy.

Email marketing: a newsletter to entice people to come back and spend their vacations at your facility again, pushing if news and exclusive services.

Facebook and Google Ads: with a specific targeting you can target your ads to your loyal customers, with offers or personalized communications.

Pubblicato il 28 April 2021