Where to start to design a marketing campaign

Some basic ideas to be taken into account when a client asks for a web marketing project:

Studying the market and the competition

Analyzing potential traffic volumes, both in terms of brand, competition and products, in advance is the first step to approach when we start with a web project for a customer. The same method also applies to online advertising, so a good preliminary study is the ideal starting point to obtain the results required by our customers.

Identifying the customer’s target audience

When a campaign is carried out, it often confuses the company’s appreciation of a type of message with that of its ideal target audience. The latter must be identified carefully, analysing the characteristics and buying habits, the preferred language, the method of communication and the most suitable images to represent it.

Defining objectives

It is necessary to study carefully the type of objective that you want to achieve with the campaign, i.e. the type of engagement that must be stimulated in the target audience.

Choose the right channels

The choice of the channel is very important and, of course, can not ignore the customs of its target audience. Often companies are driven to push through multiple channels, but this strategy could be fallacious, even in terms of resources spent.

Studying creativity

Creativity is important in the creation of a campaign, obviously with reference to the channel used. Creativity is used to involve the user, with a communication that keeps the level of attention high, stimulates curiosity about the product, the desire and much more. For this reason it is necessary to study with great care the choice of copy, images, testimonials, so as to avoid misunderstandings.

Precise planning

Creating a great campaign, but planning it wrongly, leads to the failure of your goals.

Asking a Professional

Relying on a professional is the best solution to avoid problems that could become insurmountable: in such a complex way as advertising, improvisation is impossible.


Alessandro Sester
Web Specialist
@ Starsystem IT

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Pubblicato il 16 March 2020