WordPress: the best CMS of 2020

Performing, practical and with excellent functionalities: WordPress is the most used CMS to create websites.


It’s the most known and used CMS (content management system) in the world: WordPress is a personal publishing software platform that allows you to create any kind of website, from showcase sites to e-commerce (thanks to the WooCommerce plugin, which we’ll talk about below).

Born as a simple blogging platform, today WordPress is the generalist CMS par excellence: what makes the difference are the various installable plugins that allow you to create any type of website.

According to data collected by W3Techs, WordPress is the most used CMS to create websites: this is not surprising since it is considered a very performing CMS, with excellent features and practical to use for different types of projects.

The percentages speak for themselves: 39.5% (updated to January 2021) of all websites online are structured on the WordPress CMS – surpassing with the first month of the new year the previous figure of 35% for 2020.

Taking into account that many sites don’t rely on any CMS, it comes to consider that the above percentage would be much higher if we considered only sites that rely on CMS.

WooCommerce brings e-commerce to WordPress

With WordPress you can make a website, start a blog or create an online store: with thousands of free and premium plugins you can extend the features and functionality of your site.

Designed to meet the needs of digital shopping, WooCommerce is the WordPress plug-in dedicated to e-commerce: more and more companies developing their own online store have chosen this plug-in for their websites.

Are you looking for something that you can customize according to your needs? WooCommerce might be the best choice if you are already a WordPress user since it is designed to work on the basis of this CMS.

  • 4,414,537 sites use WooCommerce, 7.4% of all sites present online and 28.19% of all online stores
  • 93.7% of all WordPress e-commerce sites use the WooCommerce plugin
  • WooCommerce is the most popular plugin, with a 68% usage distribution
  • 1,267 WooCommerce themes available only on ThemeForest.net
  • 980 WooCommerce plugins available on WordPress.org alone

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Pubblicato il 2 February 2021