Carpenteria Battisti

Creation of a new responsive site for Carpenteria Battisti


We have been working with Carpenteria Battisti since 2018


The company Carpenteria Battisti of Torcegno (TN) differs from other companies operating in the sector in that it follows the entire chain of woodworking by subjecting it to a thorough control that begins with the choice of logs on the national and international market, allocating the best to the production of beams.


Website project realization with WordPress

We have designed the new site of Carpenteria Battisti, a company specializing in the construction of wooden houses in Trentino.

The site was created with WordPress through a professional theme we built to measure and provides for the independent management by the customer for the publication of its portfolio of works made.

WordPress is an open source web software and content management system (CMS) platform, that is, a program that, turning on the server side, allows the creation and distribution of an Internet site made up of text or multimedia contents, easily managed and dynamically updated.
WordPress feeds 34% of all websites on the Internet, including those without a content management system (CMS) or with a self-developed CMS. To put it clearly, WordPress feeds over a third of the web!


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Pubblicato il 7 December 2017