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Zandonella site restyle


We have been working with Zandonella since 2022

For over 40 years, Zandonella S.r.l. has been providing industries, artisans and traders in Trentino and South Tyrol with special waste collection and recovery services. The continuous innovation of plant and machinery and the constant renewal of the fleet of vehicles allows Zandonella S.r.l. to always operate with respect for the environment.

This constant search for innovation led the client to the need to renew its website, opting for a more attractive design and an interface optimized for mobile devices.


A clear and easily navigable site

The new website built with WordPress, the CMS that allows flexibility and customization. The development team used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a custom theme in line with the client’s vision and corporate colors. Great attention was given to the user experience, with a clean and intuitive navigation system.

With careful attention to content organization and element layout, the user can easily access all information of interest, making searching for content and services a pleasant and smooth experience. Fast loading times and optimized images ensure fast and smooth page navigation, helping to reduce the abandonment rate.

Zandonella Srl’s website is now a reference point for the company, providing an effective online channel for interacting with customers and promoting their services.

We created the website with WordPress, fully responsive according to the “mobile first” paradigm, prioritizing the accessibility and specific functionality of mobile smartphone and tablet devices.

WordPress is an open source web software platform and content management system (CMS) i.e., a program that, running server-side, allows the creation and distribution of a website consisting of textual or multimedia content, which can be easily managed and dynamically updated.

WordPress powers 39 percent of all websites on the Internet, including those without on a content management system (CMS) or with a self-developed CMS. To put it plainly, WordPress powers over a third of the web!

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Pubblicato il 27 July 2023