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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We optimize and set the SEO of your site for search engines


The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means all those activities aimed at better detection, analysis and reading of your website by search engines thanks to the exploitation of the techniques of positioning. The SEO, therefore, allows easy retrieval of the site by users who are looking for you so as to determine the increase in the volume of traffic you receive through search engines.

SEO activities therefore include optimization and management of the structure of the site and url, accessibility of information by user engines, optimization of the source code (code and error optimization), in-depth links (link optimization), management of images and web page content. In simpler words, the SEO is able to intervene on the HTML code (including markup), on the contents of the web pages of the site, and on the overall hypertext structure of your page.

So, to make the most of the HTML structure of your website, we will do the following:

  • The HTML code will be structured in such a way that the important content is at the beginning;
  • We will use HTML tags as much as possible related to the structure of the presented contents (semantic) and we will always verify that the code of the pages is formally valid. Semantic optimization makes the site more “friendly” for search engines
  • We will carry out a complete review of the title tags, defining a description of a strategy based on the objectives set with the customer
  • Distinguish appropriately the titles of the various pages of a site, make them clear and consistent with the content of the page: they should contain the keywords of greater weight;
  • Rich Snippets will be added, i.e. what you see in the search results, i.e. the title and description of the site. They will allow you to further increase your visits to your site and improve your ranking in the results of a search engine.

For the management of the server and URLs, however, you will choose an address for your page that contains the most frequent and likely keywords for search engines without of course leaving out the description and resemblance to the title of the page itself. You can also implement a sitemap that will allow better indexing of content.

Searching for images is the second type of search on Google. To make sure that the images of your page are also indexed and searchable by search engines, they must have a URL describing the content of the image itself and a TAG ALT description (alternative text if the browser can not load the image in question). Other information can be introduced in Title and Description. Advertising campaigns may also be organised (activities linked to Google AdWords campaigns are excluded).

In addition…

We will help you with the preparation and drafting of appropriate Meta Tag Title and Description (optimization tools to be inserted into the HTML code) for the pages of your website, in order to better index the sections of the portal on search engines.
We will review the tags “alt” of each image on the site so as to get a good placement on the channel Google Images. We will use the main tools provided by Google specifically for webmasters, including communication via sitemap.xml optimized according to the priority rules provided by the Google communication system.


Statistics are very useful for SEO techniques. It allows you to analyze the traffic on your website by the number of visits to the type of audience, the type of traffic (if organic or direct) and then identify keywords from organic or paid results. It’s in fact a solution of web data analysis that allows you to get detailed information on the traffic of your website and consequently be able to structure and manage it in a more effective and efficient.