Improving mobile user experience

In Italy 45 million people are online every day, of which more than 33 million are connected from mobile: offering an optimal user experience from mobile can really make the difference for your site.

[Politecnico di Milano B2C eCommerce Observatory].

A fully functioning website on mobile devices is of paramount importance to a business.

Still haven’t invested in optimizing your site for mobile devices? Here are a few reasons why a presence on mobile devices is essential for a business:

  • Sites optimized for mobile devices get higher positions in search results
  • Mobile searches make up more than half of all searches conducted on
  • Sites that are not optimized for mobile devices are five times more likely to be abandoned by visitors

Don't underestimate the technical aspects

Often the optimization of the user experience is linked to a purely graphic modification of the page. There is a tendency to put in second place the more technical aspects such as the loading of the page itself or features that improve the browsing experience.
This is a missed opportunity if we just consider the fact that, for example, a 0.1 second improvement in site speed can increase conversion rates by up to 10% depending on the industry.

Create a faster mobile site

Increasing the speed of mobile sites can generate significant opportunities for brands.
If the site is fast, users will spend more time on the site and purchase more products.

Adapt your site to the needs of your users

Users' needs change, we've noticed this especially over the past year. Brands, therefore, must do everything they can to meet customer expectations by offering them services that are increasingly aligned with their buying behavior.
The customer journey is not linear and runs through multiple channels until the final decision and purchase, which can happen both online and offline.

Adopt a performance-oriented culture

Understanding who our typical user is helps us make decisions, prioritizing those areas of the site that match the user's needs. Knowing more about your visitors, using tools like Google Analytics, is a great strategy to bring results to your business.

If you have a website for your business, you surely know that most of the traffic comes from mobile.

Users are so used to browsing sites that are easy to navigate on a small screen and quick to load that if they don’t, they immediately abandon the page. 

And is your site mobile-friendly?

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Pubblicato il 11 May 2021