Stand out from the competition: optimize the customer’s shopping experience

The transition of stores to digital was already a growing process: the pandemic has further accelerated this digital transformation, giving a boost to even the most skeptical marketers. Competition has increased and the question then arises, “How do I distinguish myself from the many stores selling the same product as me?

How do I evaluate the effectiveness of my e-commerce?

When you work with an e-commerce some details make the difference compared to other online activities and allow us to stand out from competitors: an excellent browsing experience by users, detailed product sheets and the ability to communicate and attract the interest of potential customers.

Here are a series of questions to ask yourself when thinking about your online store:

  • Information. Do you provide enough product details? Are prices clear? Are ratings clearly visible?
  • Personalization. Do you offer your customers the ability to customize their accounts and create favorites lists?
  • Flexibility. How well do you accommodate customers’ needs? For example, are the one-day delivery option and free returns available? How many payment methods are there?
  • Customer Support. When it comes to support, quality and availability are key. How many ways can customers contact you?
  • Mobile experience. In recent months, time spent on mobile apps has increased by 20%. Is your website optimized for mobile? Have you designed a dedicated app?




Follow our tips to improve the customer experience on your online store: from the information in the copy to customer safety on the site, let’s see together the elements that can’t be missed to ensure an exceptional user experience.

Product Information

Complete product sheets

Products are fully described, with the price clearly indicated and with several pictures of the item.

Article Reviews

Ratings and reviews on the website increase customer conversions and it is a good idea to make this information available.

Product Search

Search options and product filters allow customers to find what they’re looking for within the site without hassle.

Order processing

Shopping Cart

Customers can add, edit and delete items from their cart quickly and easily.

More payment methods

The site offers customers multiple payment options: services such as PayPal or Google Pay facilitate the payment process.

Shipping and returns

Offer your customers a choice of shipping options and offer free returns.

Customer Care

Ease of contact

Phone number and email address should be clearly stated and easy to find within the site.

Chat with customers

A live chat box allows users visiting the site to bring questions at any time.

Social media

Link your social media accounts to your site so customers can reach you in other ways.

Security and devices


Maximum security with the HTTPS protocol, all communications between your site and the browser are encrypted.

Loading Speed

The loading speed of a site, especially on mobile devices, profoundly affects the user experience.

Optimized for mobile devices

Your site should be optimized for all devices: more and more people are researching and shopping from their phones.




We at StarSystem can help you to identify ideas for improvement for your online store and assess how your site is positioned compared to that of competitors in your industry: ask us for advice and we will help you to improve the experience of your website.

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Pubblicato il 17 February 2021