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Expert Italia

Creation of the B2B Marketing portal for Expert Italia

We have been working with Expert Italia since 2016

Expert International GmbH, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, brings together the best retailers of electronics, household appliances, telephony, photo-optics and information technology in Europe and worldwide.

The association was founded on October 16, 1967 by Gunnar Nygren, director of a Swedish national purchasing group, to bring together under a common banner the leading European retailers.

The ideas and values that underpin the success of the Expert group continue to be as topical today as they were then: the entrepreneurial spirit of the independent retailers comes first and then, connected to this, the courage, industriousness and closeness to customers.

In this way, the group has successfully overcome major challenges such as the transition from traditional to multichannel trading.


B2B software for purchasing groups

Expert has adopted our B2B web software for marketing and communication.

Marketing and communication strategies are very important for a company that deals with sales and / or distribution.

The marketing department of a consortium or a distributor can develop promotion strategies dedicated to its corporate customers or develop promotion strategies to be shared with its customers to reach the final customers.

Many of these promotions and advertising strategies can be managed and implemented more efficiently and effectively through the B2B portal.

Communications (circulars, price list changes, invitations, videoconferences) reach the customer faster than traditional channels (email, telephone) and promote a higher participation of client companies in the proposed initiatives.

Executing these strategies through a B2B portal can bring numerous benefits. Here are some of the features in the web program:

Publication of news and banners in dedicated areas
Sending of communications through newsletters and SMS
Planning and publication of flyers and advertising posters for its customers
Centralised collection of customer subscriptions to these initiatives

Publication of documents
Fidelity card
Publication of streaming video conferences
Periodic campaigns with supplier rewards linked to set objectives
Product revaluation management
Management of sell out discounts

Expert Italia

Starsystem provided us with the B2B platform to manage the centralized purchases of the group, integrated with a customized solution for the management of promotional offers.
The integration of business processes into a single tool with a simple and intuitive interface has reduced work management times by about 30% compared to what was previously necessary.
The development team assigned to us has always been punctual in responding to our needs and in delivering the agreed works, I would certainly recommend Starsystem for its ability to find solutions to integrate complex processes quickly and at reasonable costs.

Fabio Basini
CFO at Expert Italy SpA

Pubblicato il 9 July 2019