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Calze GM: new e-Commerce, better UX


We have been working with GM Socks since 2020

Calze GM is a family business, born in 1960 in Trento when the founder, Giorgio Montagni, had the intuition to introduce a product to the market that did not yet exist in Italy: the technical sock.

The client had already relied on us to carry out digital marketing campaigns and SEO interventions within the blog. We were chosen to carry out the restyling of their e-commerce, with an ad hoc graphic design, to optimize the navigation from mobile and the user experience within the site and simplify the purchasing process.

User experience and graphics for an engaging and effective site

The number of companies with an online presence is increasing year by year, and the competition to reach potential customers is growing: to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you need to stand out with valuable content, attractive graphics, an optimal user experience and intuitive navigation. To do this, it is necessary to plan periodic restyling of one’s website to refresh the corporate image and optimize the site for search engines: this is because the guidelines for an optimized site are constantly evolving and it is essential not to fall behind.

The theme of the new site was designed to emphasize images, supporting the visual narrative of the brand: not just an e-commerce, but a portal with new content, lots of headings, and strong integration with social channels, the strong point of Calze GM.

Shopify is a platform that allows you to quickly build your own e-commerce: it’s the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t need custom solutions: it’s right for you if you want to start experimenting with the e-commerce world, proceeding gradually and without going crazy behind hard-to-understand back ends.

Shopify integrates seamlessly with numerous plug-ins, payment gateways and third-party marketplaces: all the tools and services you need to launch, manage and grow your business.

Mobile navigation optimized for responsive e-commerce

More and more people are using mobile devices to browse online and make purchases: for this reason having a site or e-commerce that is mobile friendly has become essential.

Thanks to smartphones, people can access the Internet much more often and very easily: for this reason, more and more companies are getting ready on the mobile front, not wanting to lose a large share of potential users. Mobile commerce has become the main channel for online purchases, going beyond purchases made from desktop.

In 2021, Google valued a mobile-first approach, indexing sites via the mobile version and taking the desktop version to the background. Calze GM thus decided to invest in adapting its site to responsive technology so that its content would be available in the best possible way, regardless of the device used (smartphone, computer, or tablet).

Simplified purchasing process

How many times have we found ourselves abandoning the shopping cart because the process was too long. For the new GM Socks site, we focused on several elements to make the shopping process optimal:

  • Simple and effective site layout
  • Cart continuation and purchase buttons highlighted
  • Ability to proceed with a quick check-out using PayPal Express, Google and Apple Pay
  • Required essential data to proceed with check-out, with the option to proceed with auto-fill information

Calze GM


We turned to Starsystem for the implementation of our new e-commerce portal: we needed support to set up the new online shop with customization, indexing, strategic and technical assistance activities. We are very satisfied with the result: the staff of Starsystem is competent, at the service of the client and with very efficient timelines.

Elisabetta Montagni

When is a redesign of one’s site necessary?

The term “restyling” may make one think of a simple graphic makeover, but it is much more than that. Website restyling is a much more complex and comprehensive operation, in fact covering so many aspects, such as usability, positioning and user experience.

If you recognize yourself in at least one of these statements, it is time to consider a redesign for your website:

  • Your site is not optimized for mobile browsing
  • Your site is not user friendly
  • Your site is not ranking in the top Google search results
  • Your site does not convey what your company and brand intends to communicate
  • Your site has old, unattractive graphics

Does your site need a redesign?

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Pubblicato il 30 August 2022