Target audience and purchasing behavior

For a business, being online means having the opportunity to address its products and services to the right “target” audience. Discovering market analysis helps you learn more about your consumers, plan for your business and achieve your goals.

Grow your business through the use of tools for tracking user behavior data, such as Google Analytics; plus the data collected from Google’s research on online consumer habits will allow you to identify areas for improvement to take a leap forward!

Google Analytics: understand your customers

Analyze your business data with Google Analytics to learn more about your customers make more informed decisions.

Google Analytics gives you the tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.

Whatever your industry, Analytics allows you to learn more about your customers, provide them with better experiences, and get results.

Turn your information into results and use the data you collect to your advantage!

Analytics is designed to work with Google Ads advertising products: it allows you to use data analysis to reach the right customers.

Google Analytics - Studia il tuo target

Data collected from Google research on shopper behavior


Match products to the right customers

Promote your products by targeting buyers who are searching for what you offer on Google, whether they are at home, in a store, or using a mobile device. Whether they are at home, on a mobile device, or in the store, be found when users are searching for the products you sell.

94% of online searches in Italy is done through Google: Google Ads campaigns help you to promote your products, making them appear to the customer at the moment he/she is searching online.

This allows you to intercept users who have the specific intent to search for the products we sell: it is a sponsorship strategy that has high chances of conversion


Online has become an integral part of the purchasing process

The way we buy has changed drastically compared to a few years ago: word of mouth has moved online, which has become an integral part of our daily lives. We look for information on products, read reviews from other users, compare prices and opinions: most consumers adopt an increasingly multi-channel approach.

Price plays a very important role in a customer’s decision to make an online purchase: often customers go to the store to touch the item they are interested in, but then decide to buy online because of lower prices compared to those offered in the physical store.


Personalized online experience

With the data you collect, you can record every single product your customer has purchased and know exactly when they’ll need it again. Can users create personalized accounts on your site? Allowing customers to easily set one up promotes engagement.

Offering customers the ability to create an account on your site means you can customize your marketing strategy and make their experience that much better.

Customers within their personal area have access to various information without having to contact the company directly: they find the answer in their dedicated area (order info, shipping status, FAQ).


Pubblicato il 3 March 2021